Director:                     Wynona Bakker        
Executive Producer:           Marieke Schiphorst  
Director of Photography:      Nando Dullaart
Steadicam Operator:           Frieder Wallis
1st Assistent Camera:         Dennis Bravenboer
Gaffer:                       Jan Nelemans
Best Boy:                     Jimmy Rockx    
Color Grading:                Qianwei Tong   
Componist:                    Sebastiaan Verschoor  
Sound Design:                 Henk-jelle de Groot   
Sound Recorder:               Christopher Paul
MUA, Setdresser:              Marissa Coster
Assistent Make-up:            Vivienne Melchers, Roos van Hees
Choreographer:                Annabelle van der Laar
Editor:                       Caylee Nielen

Protagonist:                  Blanca Beaumont
Child:                        Noor van der Velden
Death:                        Valerie La Rose
Fairy Dancer 1:               Sarah Butters-Ruben
Fairy Dancer 2:               Ro-Mi Pouw
Fairy Dancer 3:               Pien van Meegen
Fairy Dancer 4:               Gwen Albers  
Fairy Dancer 5:               Manouk Roberts

Sponsor:                      Maloney Amsterdam
Have you ever had the urge to run away? Do you know that desire to keep running, away from reality and fleeing into your fantasy world? We all know some form of escapism. Blanca finds herself in a world where the distinction between dreams and nightmares, reality and fiction is blurred: a world where she is confronted with both harsh reality and her deep desires.

As a child, Blanca Beaumont lost her father: due to the consequences of his addiction. Pain and trauma haunt her as she grows up into an adult woman. In an enchanting audiovisual dance story through nature, she tries to escape reality by fleeing into her fantasy world. There, she gets confronted with both her fears and desires..

The film is not out yet. For now I can show some stills.